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Trent, the artist

A number of years in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer and businessman culminated in Jerome Courshon starting his own film production company, Centaur Productions. Courshon’s goal with Centaur Productions is to produce quality motion pictures that are entertaining, meaningful, and of course, successful. The first movie out of the gate is the fun, hip, sexy and meaty (no pun intended), God, Sex & Apple Pie.

Writing the first draft of the screenplay came relatively easy for Courshon as he relied on autobiographical aspects for many of the relationships in the story, although getting him to admit this in public is difficult as he doesn't want to be sued. After numerous painstaking drafts (which did entail heavy fictionalizing), the script was finally ready.

God, Sex & Apple Pie is Courshon’s first full length screenplay, but he has been writing in one form or another for much of his life (e.g., nasty letters to politicians and other lovable government bureaucrats).

Moving the finished screenplay to the next stage of production was considerably more difficult, as anyone who has done this without studio or major backing can attest to. Nevertheless, with tenacity and sheer will, financing was found, the movie was born, and nobody died during the filming! (For more info on the making of the movie, click here)

Courshon has numerous film, television and stage roles to his credit which have included the TV show "L.A. Law," other TV shows and parts in films too cheesy to mention, and recurring roles on "General Hospital" and "Santa Barbara."