What is your sex life like? What do you like? Answer these 20 questions and see how you compare to others! (And then check out what the opposite sex has to say!) This is, of course, all anonymous.

1. Which overall look of a man do you prefer?
    Computer Nerd
    Family Man
    Biker Dude
    Rocker/Bad Boy
2. Which of the following places have you done the wild thing? (Check all that apply)
    In an airplane
    In an elevator
    In your parents' bedroom
    At work
    At the Vatican
3. Of the following traits, which one is most important to you in a man?
    Sense of humor
4. Of the following physical attributes, what are your preferences in a man? (Check all that apply)
    Short hair
    Medium length hair
    Long hair
    Short height
    Average height
    Small endowment
    Average endowment
    Large endowment
    Hung like John Holmes
5. Would you rather....?
    Have sex than go shopping
    Have sex while shopping, in a dressing room
    Hold off until all the malls are closed
    Have a hot fudge sundae
6. Which excuse do you think works best when you're not in the mood?
    I'm too tired
    I've got a headache
    We just did it yesterday
    It's that time of the month
    Don't say anything (aka: roll over and play dead)
7. What turns you on more?
    Receiving flowers
    A sensual massage
    Foreplay in the shower
    Money in a man's wallet
    Wham bam, thank you Sanchez
8. Which of the following styles do you prefer most in your partner?
    Shaved (you know, down there)
    Neatly trimmed
    Au Naturel
    Hairy Ape
9. Be truthful now, what is really more important to you?
    The size of a man's equipment
    How he uses his equipment
10. What style of lovemaking do you prefer?
    Hard and fast
    Easy and slow
    Either of the above, depending upon my mood
    Either sounds really good....it's been so long
11. Rate your overall satisfaction with how men use their equipment:
    Very satisfied
    Generally satisfied
    They could be better
    They need to read 'The Tao of Love and Sex' or take a Learning Annex course
12. Rate your overall satisfaction with receiving oral sex:
    Very satisfied
    Generally satisfied
    He could do better
    He needs to practice tongue exercises
13. What is your favorite position?
    Woman on top
    Doggy style
    Other variation
    Performing fellatio
    Receiving cunnilingus
    The kitchen counter scene from 'Fatal Attraction'
14. Which song puts you in the mood for sex the most?
    'Europa', Gato Barbieri
    'The Sky is Crying', Stevie Ray Vaughan
    'Sex & Candy', Marcy Playground
    'Bolero', Ravel
    'Bang a Boomerang', Wogboy
15. If your partner walks into the bedroom with a pair of handcuffs and a devilish grin, do you....?
    Ask what those are for
    Ask if he is a cop
    Promptly lie down and say 'Go for it!'
    End the date/relationship
16. Which of the following is the most risqué or kinky thing you've ever done? (Check all that apply)
    Watched others having sex
    Role played
    Had phone sex with a stranger
    Played with food items
    Used handcuffs
    Engaged in bondage
    Had a 'ménage à trois'
    Gone to a swingers party
    This is all too tame....something kinkier
17. What's the most unusual sex partner you've ever had?
    The shower massager
    A cucumber
    Some other kind of vegetable
    The stick shift in a car
    None of the above
18. Have you ever? (Check all that apply)
    Faked an orgasm to get it over with
    Faked an orgasm to make him feel better
    Pretended not to have an orgasm so that he'd keep going
    Thought about someone else while making love to him
    Told him he was good just to get rid of him
    Had 5 or more orgasms in one night
19. If you had your way when engaged in intercourse, how long would you really like it to last?
    Up to 5 minutes
    5 to 10 minutes
    10 to 20 minutes
    20 to 30 minutes
    30 to 60 minutes
    More than 1 hour
    Long enough to orgasm
20. How many sex partners have you had in your life?
    0 to 3
    4 to 7
    8 to 15
    16 to 25
    26 to 50
    51 to 99
    100+ (Annabel Chong and I used to hang out)

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