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"...Here we have a true independent film highlight. Witty, funny, entertaining and steamy, this is a film you should check out if you want to break away from the mainstream Hollywood fare sometime."

Guido Henkel,
DVD Review
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"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is an innovative ensemble comedy that, through its poignant dialogue and star-making performances, revels in the truth about life that it seeks to reveal."

Aaron Conley,
411 Mania
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"...I was pleasantly surprised as 'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is one of the best character pieces I have seen in quite some time. The nine friends compliment each other's personalities perfectly and everything about the story has a genuine believability to it. The dialogue is sharply-written and manages a great balance between comedy and seriousness... Definitely check this one out!"

DVD Answer Man
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"4 Stars! Apart from having one of the catchiest and most memorable titles in recent years, this latest movie in the line of old pals getting together years after they left college is as polished and entertaining as its forebears!"

Mike Kerrigan,
Box Office Magazine

"Well-written and surprisingly well-acted... this ensemble comedy/drama is a polished writing debut for actor-turned-writer/producer Courshon, who quickly establishes nine characters and then manages to give all of them something to do."

Maitland McDonagh,
TV Guide Online

"4 Stars! 'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is....driven by smart, sexy dialogue and thoroughly engaging characters!"

Terry Loncaric,
Star Newspapers, Chicago

"The cast of semiunknowns is game and likable!"

Jonathan Rosenbaum,
Chicago Reader

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is a sharply-written and incisive ensemble film that is a terrific blend of comedy and pathos!"

Bill Zwecker,
Chicago Sun-Times / FOX–TV Chicago

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' -- what more do you need out of life, or a movie! Totally enlightening and very satisfying."

Andrea Cochran,
Entertainment Reporter, ABC-TV, San Diego

"Sexy, savvy and a real fun romp. A 'must-see' movie!"

Taura Scott,
Editor, West Coast Well Being

"Extraordinary movie. A superbly written story, warmly and wonderfully acted. 'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is well worth seeing!"

Hank Simpson,
Editor, Flagstaff Live

"The production values are impressively slick... Performances are polished!"

Elizabeth Weitzman,
New York Daily News

"Want something a little more edgy and less commercial than the big studio flicks? Check out 'God, Sex & Apple Pie'!"

Janet Davies,
WLS–TV Chicago

"Amusing, insightful and right-on for the new millennium! Give me another serving of 'God, Sex & Apple Pie'!"

James Colt Harrison,
Publisher, Marquee Entertainment Magazine

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' dishes it up wonderfully. Snappy, witty writing brings to life a group of friends and their deepest darkest secrets and desires. In the end, you'll savor it all!"

Sylvia Mendoza,
Editor, San Diego Writers' Monthly

"Sexy, smart and delightfully engaging. Great cast!"

Diana Saenger,
Script Magazine

"Real life language conveys real drama, with moments of truth that hang in your head. Think of 'The Big Chill' with a modern twist -- that's 'God, Sex & Apple Pie.'"

Chuck Graham,
Tucson Citizen

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is remarkable in capturing the bittersweet quality of one annual reunion among long-standing friends. I really care for these people and shall miss them."

Charlene Baldridge,
The Press-Enterprise

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is a very entertaining couple of hours with lots of laugh-out-loud moments!"

Chris Curle,
Radio Host, WODX AM - 1480

"Impressive, enjoyable and very well done."

Chris Albrecht,
Chairman/CEO, HBO

"If you don't identify with the characters, then you've missed the point. Great movie!"

Ryan Smith,
Publisher, Insite Magazine

"'God, Sex & Apple Pie' is such a polished piece of work and reflects such a professionalism in filmmaking that it is hard to believe it is a first film. Very impressive!"

Andre Guimond,
Member, Hollywood Foreign Press Association