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Previous Posting

The time is nearly here as we prepare for the New York opening of the movie. Getting a movie booked into a Manhattan theater is not easy without "star power" in the cast, and our movie is no exception. But it did well in its run in Chicago, and this certainly helped us land the booking in New York City.

The director, Paul Leaf, who is originally from New York will be in attendance at the movie's opening, as will Co-Star (and New Yorker) Penelope Crabtree. (She's the actress in the spicy outfit on our homepage here. Hmmm, maybe I can talk her into wearing that for opening night??) I'll also be in town since we'll be doing publicity prior to the opening. There may be some other Co-Stars from the movie present too, since half the cast are New Yorkers. You can check the Showtimes page as this is where I'll post info about which actors will be in town from the cast.

If you live in or around New York, come on by and check out this fun and sexy movie! We'll be giving away free Soundtrack CDs to anyone who buys a ticket for one of the opening night shows! (All you have to do is find us—it'll be easy, we'll be there—show us your ticket stub and say you saw this promotion on the website.) It's a cool soundtrack....you can check out some of the music here. We hope to see you there! (And don't be shy about saying "hello.")

First Posting!

The day is fast approaching and it's hard to believe. What a long strange trip it's been, to quote a well known song lyric.

The movie is having its world premiere, theatrical opening in Chicago. Why Chicago, you ask? 'Cause I grew up there! Yup, I'm just a midwestern guy at heart. California is good, which is where I'm currently living, but there's just something about Chi Town I still like. Perhaps it's the genuineness of the people there. Perhaps it's the pizza. Or maybe it's that you can drink at the bars all night long if you want. Can someone please tell me why, in the 21st century, alcohol still can't be served after 2 AM in California?? But not New York or Chicago? Isn't California supposed to be the progressive state? Ah, but I digress.

It's been a hard road to get to here. I've hit a lot of walls along the way and traversed many minefields. (I wish I was being dramatic with this metaphor...) It's almost amazing that I didn't 'crash & burn' as so many indie filmmakers do. (You never hear about most of them or their stories. One 'crash & burn' is frequently enough to suppress any filmmaker's desire to ever try it again.) Making, marketing and distributing an independent movie is one of the hardest things I think one can do. (Am I being biased here?) Except perhaps running for President. I'm glad I didn't know what I was getting myself into at the outset, otherwise, I may never have had the guts to get started! Ignorance is bliss. At least at the beginning!

But as I've said in various interviews while touring the film festival circuit, anything can be done with perseverance, and making an indie movie is no different.

So on the cusp of the movie's release, a HUGE thank you to all the people who've helped or participated to make this all happen. And to all of you who've seen the movie at a film festival, thank you for your support and your votes in the Audience Choice awards! I'm gratified you've enjoyed the movie as much as you have. We wouldn't have won 6 awards without you!

To all of you who are just "tuning in," if you live in or around Chicago, come see the movie! It's fun, sexy, unpredictable, and I know you'll dig it!

And if you don't live in Chicago, stay tuned or join our mailing list. We hope to come to a city near you!